welcome to the New Era of SMS in Africa


  • Slow speed of connection
  • Constant breaks in service
  • sometimes cut unpredictably
  • Adantage

  • 9,000,000 smart phone users in Ethiopia
  • most of smart phone users are not using internet at all or not using it well.
  • Using our service SMS provider can notify about their service more than one time by just sending one SMS.
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    offline SMS based app

  • The app able to change any SMS into visually attractive NEWS
  • The app able to change any SMS into Schedules with alert notification.
  • schedule their users by only sending SMS as “SCHEDULE: 18/20/1027 2pm disc: please come to our office or call us this number”
  • services

    Users only need to install the app and subscribe for any service they want using SMS.

    People Behind Appdev

    We believe in Quality over Quantity And new technology and innovation can transform Africa

    Dawit Fikre
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    Dawit Fikre

    software engineer

    Software engineer graduated from Addis Ababa university , Experienced web developer and also winner of 3 Technology national competitions.

    Daniel Fikre
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    Daniel Fikre

    Communication Engineer

    Experienced communication engineer who works on different communication projects for 5 years.